Prepaid Legal services provide individuals with many different types of legal coverage depending on their needs. One type of coverage that has become more popular as an addition to a legal plan is Prepaid Legal identity theft shield protection. The Prepaid Legal identity theft shield plans give individuals a peace of mind that they do not have to try to monitor every aspect of their credit on a regular basis since the Prepaid Legal provider is doing it for them. Although this does not ensure that the individual will not have their identity stolen, it does help to protect them so that they can catch any fraudulent activity almost immediately and will help them to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Services Offered By Prepaid Legal Identity Theft Shield

Identity theft shield reviews point to plans that are comprehensive like Prepaid Legal identity theft shield’s plan as the best option in identity theft protection. Individuals would have a hard time checking their credit on a regular basis, checking for any suspicious activity that has been put on their credit. Not only would most individuals not know what to look for, but it would get to be expensive to pull their credit on a regular basis, since there is only one free credit report that is available each year from the reporting agencies. Many times individuals are unaware of old accounts that they still have open on their credit, and fraudulent activity can sometimes be started by criminals opening those old accounts. Without a regular monitoring service like Prepaid Legal identity theft shield, the individual may be unaware of this activity until they start getting bills or debt collectors knocking at their door to collect the money.

With Prepaid Legal identity theft shield, individuals get an immediate notification if any suspicious activity is made on the credit report. If there is an address change made on the credit report, it is possible that someone is trying to use that individual’s identity to open other accounts. If there is an account opened, Prepaid Legal identity theft shield will notify their client immediately so that he can verify if he was the one to open it. At times, fraudulent activity may be in the beginning stages if there is an inquiry made against a person’s credit report, where a criminal is fishing for information to see what he can use. All of these activities are reported immediately and if there has been fraudulent action taken, the Prepaid Legal identity theft shield provider will help the individual file the paperwork necessary to get the situation rectified.