Awareness is the key to catching criminals who major in identity theft according to the identity theft prevention guides. The more that the public is aware of the issue and how the thieves obtain information, the more difficult it is for the thieves to obtain personal information from people to use in their crimes. These identity theft prevention guides are very useful, giving simple, practical information that can be practiced on a daily basis to deter these crooks. There is even identity theft prevention software that can be used on the computer to help to safeguard personal information that is stored on a personal computer or even in the work place.

Empower Yourself Through Identity Theft Prevention Guide

One of the main tips in identity theft prevention guides is to keep a watchful eye on all account information and bills that come in each month. Accounts that can be accessed online should be monitored on a daily basis to make sure there is not any activity going on that should not be occurring. This helps individuals to catch fraudulent activity almost immediately so that authorities can be notified, the account can be shut down and the proper reports be made to stop the thief and prevent the individual from having to pay for the fees and money lost.

Another tip in identity theft prevention guides is to keep all personal information in a safe place. If the computer has personal information stored on it, such as password files and other personal information, these files should be protected by a password so that other individuals in the home are not able to access the information. This is even more pertinent if the information is stored on a laptop since it could be stolen and all of the contents viewed. If it is paper documents, the identity theft prevention guides suggest keeping them in a locked file cabinet to prevent others in the home from obtaining the information, especially if it is a roommate situation.

Another key is to dispose of old bills and other personal documents properly so that thieves cannot pull information out of the garbage and use it. According to identity theft prevention guides, all information should be shredded so that it is almost impossible to piece it back together, or is at least not an easy feat to do, thus deterring thieves. Social Security cards should not be carried in the wallet or purse either since that is the basis of the person’s legal identity.