Identity theft insurance is becoming more popular every month as more people realize that their identities could be compromised at any moment. There are so many precautions that you can take from a technological side of things. Firewalls, anti-spyware programs, and updated browsers can only protect you so much. However, having the best identity theft insurance in the world doesn’t give you a free ticket to shop carelessly online. Identity theft is a costly, time consuming problem that can take weeks out of your life to resolve. If you don’t have insurance, the process can cost tens of thousands of dollars and limitless headaches.

Best Identity Theft Insurance: Is It Worth Your Money?

The best identity theft insurance almost certainly will not be the cheapest. You won’t be able to purchase it on a whim, and the process might take an hour or longer. If your identity is compromised (and there is a significant chance that it might, with about 10 million Americans a year dealing with such problems, or about 3% each year), then the best identity theft insurance will get you back on track in record time. An identity theft specialist will be assigned directly to your case to do a number of important things.

Firstly, they will offer advice and direction about how to restore your name. They will work to restore any compromised documents, like driver’s licenses, passports, social security cards, birth certificates, etc. They will also directly deal with credit bureaus, banks, and other agencies to restore your credit rating and trust. Many of these institutions have teams of specialists working to crack down on fraudsters and thieves, but the best identity theft insurance consolidates resources to make the process quicker and more effective, and with information freely passing among agencies, the chance of catching the bad guys rises dramatically.

If you’re looking for an identity theft insurance policy, don’t focus on the cheapest policy available. You might think it a bargain until you actually have to deal with identity theft, and then it will be nearly as bad as not having any insurance at all. The best identity theft insurance will cost more money each month, and it may be more difficult to acquire, but that level of difficult pales in comparison to identity theft itself. With resources consolidated and teams of specialists working together, such insurance streamlines and simplifies the credit restoration process, often cutting the time in half or a third and saving you thousands.