Online identity theft prevention starts with individuals becoming aware of the ways that thieves will try to access their information to use in fraudulent activity. There is some identity theft prevention software that can also help in this awareness and give individuals the information they need to change their online habits and what information that they store on their desktops so that thieves are not as likely to be able to obtain the pertinent information they need to commit fraud. There are many different types of identity theft prevention software, but the most common is to have a monitoring system that checks for phishing, viruses, and other breaches to the system through the use of firewalls and other monitoring devices.

How An Identity Theft Prevention Software Is Helpful

Identity theft prevention software will perform a scan of the computer on a regular basis so that the owner is made aware of any probably security issues that might need to be taken care of. Even though this scan will usually slow the computer down for a period of time, it is essential to do on a regular basis since individuals usually receive a lot of email and surf the internet on a regular basis and viruses can inadvertently be put on the computer that can allow hackers to snatch information from the individual.

There are some identity theft prevention software programs that do an even more in depth scan of the computer, specifically searching for files that hackers would be able to easily access. Basically, the identity theft prevention software programs will do almost exactly what the hackers would do to obtain information. The program scans for files that contain personal information, such as passwords, credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, and notifies the individual that these files should be permanently deleted from the computer. In addition, the identity theft prevention software will search through the history of web surfing that the individual has done, such as tracking the cookies on the computer, which saves personal information and should be deleted on a regular basis.

There are some individuals who will have the computer save their password to certain sites so that they do not have to login every time but this is dangerous, because it allows hackers to see that password since it is saved on the computer. Although this identity theft prevention software will help with the issue, the best way to prevent identity theft is to be constantly aware of the activity on all accounts so that the individual can identify fraudulent activity almost immediately.