There are quite a few different though simple free identity theft protection measures that everyone can use in order to safeguard their personal details. Most identity thieves are known to use some very deceptive means by which to rob your personal information and among other means they will call you up posing as officials from your bank or credit card company and will ask you to furnish your personal details in order to ‘update’ their records.

Some Important Free Identity Theft Protection Measures

The simplest free identity theft protection option open to you in preventing such ruses from working is to make a point of never divulging your personal details over the phone. Another ruse used by identity thieves is to call you up to congratulate you for winning a lottery or other prize. They then ask for your personal details in order to send you your winnings. If you again use the same free identity theft protection measure (not divulging your personal details over the phone) you can defeat this fraudulent method.

Another effective free identity theft protection measure is to add your telephone number to the National Do Not Call Registry so that you won’t be bothered by such calls. Your workplace too is a place where identity thieves might strike without warning. Often, it could even be your co-workers that might make off with yours or their employer’s information.

Identity thieves will try and hack into your or your office’s computers and you might be otherwise fooled into divulging your personal details. So, the best free identity theft protection measure in this instance too is to remember to never divulge your password to anyone and especially not over the telephone. It is however surprising how often people tend to give their passwords to strangers in the mistaken belief that they are helping someone out – often, a close colleague or fellow worker.

You can also affect free identity theft protection by making it a point of using more complex types of passwords that should ideally include both letters and numbers and the password should also contain at least ten characters.

Even ensuring that you don’t carry your personal information on your person in your wallet is another good free identity theft protection measure that can help save you from identity thieves. Today, there is also a pressing need for ensuring adequate identity theft fraud protection measures because America is being attacked by an epidemic called identity theft. It is believed that more than twenty-seven million people have been made victims of identity theft on a yearly basis.