There is a lot of identity theft shield information on the internet, both promoting it and denouncing it as not worth the money. There are also identity theft shield business opportunities with different companies, which claim to allow individuals to earn residual income while working from home. These identity theft shield business opportunities allow individuals to sign other people up for the identity theft protection plan that the company offers. The individual earns income off of every person that they sign up, and if the person decides to also become a part of selling the identity theft shield plans, then the individual will also make a percentage of every plan that the other person sells.

Problems With Identity Theft Shield Business Opportunity

There are several problems with identity theft shield business opportunities. The first is that, since it is usually promoted as an easy way for individuals to make money, often claiming that the individual could eventually work from home on a full time basis, the individual often thinks that he will be able to get started quickly and be making substantial money without much initial cost. Unfortunately, as with other business models of this nature, the individual often spends a lot of money on travel to meetings to learn more about the business, resources that he can read and use in selling the plans, and other materials that are used in identity theft shield business opportunities. If the individual does not consider the identity theft shield business opportunity as a start up company that he will have to invest in to make a profit, he will become easily discouraged and give up after spending a lot of his money.

Another problem with the identity theft shield business opportunities is that they offer a service that is not necessarily needed or beneficial to the individuals who buy the plans. The services have mixed reviews as to whether the companies really monitor individuals’ credit reports on a twenty-four hour basis. There are some people who claim that they opened a credit card account and got a notice from the identity theft shield company that there had been no new activity on their credit report. In addition, these identity theft shield businesses do not always offer the services they claim to offer to help individuals resolve a fraud issue if one occurs. Instead, they may offer a discounted legal fee, but the individual will have to do a lot of the paperwork and leg work himself.