If someone had to ever come up to you and tell you they are doing an identity theft survey report, and that they require your personal details such as address and social security number it would be your personal duty to society to report possible identity theft that may be on the rise.
If you are naive enough that with giving out personal information of your own, that the identity theft survey report is real, you have a lot to learn about what you could be getting yourself into.
Identity theft has been around for plenty years, and others have ruined lives across the globe just by having their social security numbers. Your credibility is at risk. Your financial information is at risk. Your life would be at risk, as from this special number given to you; almost anything on the planet can be traced back to you.
However if you feel comfortable about the questions in an identity theft survey report, answer them as honestly but tactfully as possible. None of the questions in the identity theft survey report should be able to describe you, the person filling in the identity theft survey report. All the questions in a identity theft survey report should be general questions, but even if you feel that way too many weird or awkward questions are asked about your neighborhood, then don’t bother answering them at all. Leave them out or just don’t bother continuing with the identity theft survey report.
Is Governance Aware of The Findings of Identity Theft Survey Report
There is definitely a need to know this information regarding identity theft, and this information would usually be held by the police station, in other words the type of cases filed would be noted with them, so for someone to come to you and ask you this type of questions regarding identity theft is surely suspect of it being on the brink of happening to you, if you are not gullible enough to do the survey. I

f you have done the survey, you only have yourself to blame if later you find that you cannot access some of your things that actually require your social security number. You have not only jeopardized yourself but also those immediately around you for more crime and mostly your neighborhood too.
It is therefore imperative to not be so gullible when someone asks you for personal information to do a survey. You need to be more vigilant in your daily activities to prevent crime against you or around you. Just be more aware and careful.