If you are a lover of movies you will see in the movie “Borne Identity” that Internet identity theft is really possible. As much as you think it couldn’t happen to you, you are far away from the truth of the matter. It happens on a daily basis around the globe.
It is imperative that if you notice any criminal activities that you report them and report identity theft online for you own safety. You should also know that when you report identity theft online you are not entirely safe. When you report identity theft online it is possible to find out where your message came from.

There are such clever people out there today that they can hack into the most secure places of information that sometimes they are actually hired by governmental institutions to test their firewalls for this specific reason. The person who is capable of this job would have to sign a contract of nondisclosure when they are employed, if they do decide to leave the company one day. This is rarely the case that these people leave, and if they do they already know what other ways to hack the system.
Alternatives, If You Do Not Intend To Report Identity Theft Online
If you do get the opportunity to report identity theft online, you will find also that there are other ways of reporting the crime. You could also send a text message to a help line number that is publicly known, and with this capability not forward your number from your phone. You could use a landline and hope that the people on the other side of the “call centre” will not be able to pick up your number from their digital phones. Or if you really don’t want to be tracked down you could always use a public phone in the street or at a centre in another area away from your neighborhood.
Report Identity Theft Online Like A Good Citizen
Another reason why you should report identity theft online is so that the world can see too what is happening, since every website that you log onto to do anything and or report identity theft online has threads which lead to other websites, and the information can be accessed there too. Since it is your public duty to help keep crime low in your home, work space and place and not to mention your immediate neighborhood, it would be wise to say that you should be a law abiding citizen yourself.