If you are not as yet aware about how criminals have traded in their shotguns and their ski masks and turned to other and more novel means of stealing from people then now is the time to learn about some of the better known internet identity theft cases that are shocking the nation. Internet identity theft is on the rise and everyday more and more internet identity theft cases are being reported.

Internet Identity Theft Cases Depicting Stolen Personal Details

These internet identity theft cases involve having your personal details stolen and your social security number and credit card details can fall into the wrong hands and cause you a lot of financial loss as well as have to suffer a ruined reputation. The plain truth is that internet identity theft cases are accounting for far more crimes than any other type of crime.

The latest instance of internet identity theft cases is when an identity-theft ring from New York was recently busted and were charged with causing the biggest internet identity theft instance in the history of US crime. This particular internet identity theft case involved a gang operating for more than three years and involved as many as thirty thousand plus internet identity theft victims.

The main point of this particular internet identity theft case was that the criminals used the stolen identities to empty out the victim’s bank accounts and to also obtain loans based on fraudulent information which in fact cost the victims an estimated over 2.7 million dollars.

This internet identity theft case in fact is believed to be the biggest internet identity theft case in the entire history of US internet identity theft. What’s worse is that such internet identity theft cases are very symptomatic of the general trend of this form of crime that shows no signs of abating and which have already affected more than an estimated twenty-seven million Americans in just a five year period spanning from the year 2003 to the year 2008.

In fact, internet identity theft cases have accounted for about forty-two percent of all complaints received by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Consumer Sentinel database and this was a forty percent (estimated) rise over the previous year.

It pays to know more about the existing internet identity theft law in order to learn about your options should you become a victim of this kind of theft. You will also need to know the applicable state laws so that before filing a case you know about things such as what constitutes internet identity theft was there intent to steal and also the manner in which the information was stolen.