If you think of Nationwide, you probably first think about auto insurance. You might also think about property, life, or even pet insurance. Only recently, Nationwide also began offering insurance to cover costs associated with identity theft. Not only will they provide up to $25,000 in reimbursement if the thieves clear out your bank account and max out your credit cards, but Nationwide identity theft insurance offers a number of other services that you’ll appreciate if you fall victim to identity theft and its many problems. One of the biggest problems remains that not only is identity theft insurance a new market, but many people remain unconvinced that they stand to benefit from purchasing a policy.

Nationwide Identity Theft Insurance: A Trusted Partner

Nationwide has been around for a few years, and it’s a company that people trust. Nationwide identity theft insurance continues that proud tradition, and thousands of people have already benefitted from the impressive skills that Nationwide brings to the table. Firstly, Nationwide identity theft insurance will contact you if your credit rating changes. That’s often the first sign that your identity has been compromised, but it’s a sign that most people don’t even get to see until it’s far too late. With instant notification, you’ll be able to lock your accounts and protect your assets immediately.

If you do end up suffering from identity theft, a trained specialist will be assigned specifically to you to help you restore your identity. This may include restoring compromised documents and talking directly with credit bureaus, banks, and other financial agencies. While many institutions already have their own identity theft departments, Nationwide identity theft insurance is more useful on a personal level. The other identity theft departments within individual companies work to ensure the company’s financial safety, not yours. As such, Nationwide identity theft insurance is the best identity theft insurance that you can purchase for yourself.

10 million Americans each year fall victim to identity theft. Some aren’t careful with bills and credit card statements, throwing those things away without destroying them properly. As scary as it might sound, some criminals actually go digging around in garbage to find these documents with the intent to steal your identity and gain access to your assets. Other criminals release malware onto the Internet. When you visit compromised web sites, your computer might have some of this malware installed without your knowledge, and then important information like credit card numbers can be stolen right off your hard drive. No matter how it happens, Nationwide identity theft insurance will help you restore your good name.