It is so easy to become prey to identity theft. All you have to do is purchase one thing online, visit one site that installs harmful malware on your computer, and your entire life can be impacted. McAfee estimated that malware grew by 400% as a whole in 2008. The total cost of identity theft was around $1,000,000,000,000 ($1 trillion) last year, mainly from people sitting behind a computer, stealing passwords, social security numbers, bank account information, credit card numbers, and other private information right off your hard drive without your knowledge of such illicit activities occurring. No technology is infallible, so the only certain way of protecting your identity is to purchase family identity theft insurance.

Benefits of Taking Family Identity Theft Insurance

You can get some good deals on family identity theft insurance that you wouldn’t get on personal or business coverage, simply because covering more people is generally sold at a discount. Paying $50 a month really pales in comparison when you consider the sobering thought that restoring your credit rating and good name can cost $20,000 or more. Family identity theft insurance provides a number of member benefits, such as working with credit bureaus and other agencies directly to restore your identity. Most people would be completely lost without the direction and support provided by family identity theft insurance.

Say you do become a victim of identity theft. You will have to pay many bills, such as court costs, to regain your identity. You’ll have to buy a new driver’s license, passport, social security card, and other documents. With identity theft insurance coverage, all of those documents will be replaced automatically without requiring your time or money. You can restore your identity within 2-3 weeks instead of doing a shoddy job yourself over the course of 2-3 months. Especially if you’re in a vulnerable financial position, such as right out of college or recently laid off, family identity theft insurance can be a lifeline.

Some people wonder if family identity theft insurance is really worth it. They wonder if simply updating their web browsers, installing security software like McAfee or Symantec, and only giving their credit card information over websites using SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption is enough to protect their identities. While those are some fantastic protective steps to take, they may still not be enough. Malware can still find a way onto your computer, no matter how much you try to protect yourself from it. When you’re connected to the Internet, you’re putting yourself at a smal level of risk right off the bat.