Identity theft prevention guides give useful tips that individuals can use to help prevent this type of theft. Most of these identity theft prevention services say that making the public aware of the issue and giving them simple tools that can reduce their chances of being targeted is the best way to slow the spread of identity theft. With the age of technology, there have been new ways for thieves to access the personal information that individuals have so that they can get credit, open accounts, and purchase items that they hope to never have to pay for. Public awareness of the issue can help to prevent these online predators from getting any more prey.

Recommendations From An Identity Theft Prevention Service

Identity theft prevention services tell individuals to keep a careful eye on all of their financial statements, including getting a credit report at least once a year to look for any unexpected accounts. Everyone can obtain a free credit report once per year which makes it an easy way to keep track of any fraudulent activity in the person’s name. Every billing statement from banks, creditors and other sources should be carefully examined for any discrepancies that may come from someone using their identity.

If a problem is found on any of these items, there are certain things that the individual should do immediately to help the authorities catch the person doing it. Identity theft prevention services include putting a ‘Fraud Alert’ on credit reports so that all creditors have to follow a certain procedure in order to open another credit account, which helps to prevent any more from being opened in that person’s name.

Another identity theft prevention service is to use a ID Theft Affidavit that is used through the Federal Trade Commission to gather information about an account that has been used for fraudulent activity. Any account that has been used by a thief should immediately be closed and the fraud department for that company should be notified. The identity theft prevention services also tell individuals to keep a record of all the conversations that they have with the fraud department and other resources so that they are covered should companies try to obtain the money from that person for what was stolen. The theft should also be reported to the police department so that there is an official record of the crime which also helps to cover the individual who experienced this crime according to the identity theft prevention service tips.