Identity theft is becoming more of a problem as thieves are becoming more internet savvy and are able to confiscate personal information from people online as well as from hard copy sources. There are many different agencies like the Federal Trade Commission that are cropping up to help educate the public about this problem and give them the tools that they need to protect themselves from this type of con artist. These sites give tips and information that can be emailed and shared with friends, family and co-workers so that as many people as possible can become aware of the ways to protect their personal information. These agencies say that the best type of protection is awareness, so the faster the information is disseminated to the public, the better.

Identity theft shield information: The Best Form Of Protection

One of the best ways to protect personal information is to keep it all in hard copy in a locked cabinet or safe in the home. If there are roommates in the home, the information, including bills, should be kept in a locked place so that valuable information cannot be stolen and manipulated. Social Security cards should never be carried on the individual’s person, but instead should be memorized and the card kept in the locked cabinet or safe. If an individual is asked to supply their Social Security number, it should only be given to a person who the individual has contacted, rather than giving it to a caller who has contacted him.

In addition, there are identity theft shield information websites that offer services to individuals for a minor fee to help them monitor their credit report information. Individuals only get one free credit report per year from the three credit reporting agencies. The identity theft shield information sources give the individual twenty-four hour protection by monitoring all three credit reporting agencies and giving the individuals notice if there has been any new activity on their credit report. Although the reviews are mixed about identity theft shield information, the idea is a good one. Individuals cannot possibly monitor their credit scores every day. Even if they had time to do so, the cost would be much more than paying for the identity theft shield information from one of these companies. In addition, this identity theft shield information will be supplied to the individual if there is a problem and help point him in the right direction to get all the paperwork filled out and filed with the appropriate agencies to catch the crook.