Identity theft is becoming a bigger issue due to the rise of technology and more people choosing to do banking and other personal business online. Although this provides a convenient way to do these activities, it also opens people up to having their identity stolen if they do not take certain measures to prevent it. There are many different tips that individuals can follow to prevent identity theft, as well as signing up for an identity theft shield plan so that professionals can help them monitor their personal information to keep it safe. Prepaid identity theft shield plans usually give individuals monitoring of their information as well as legal services should their information get stolen so that they do not have to pay that money out of pocket.

Features of A Reliable Identity theft shield

There are certain features that individuals can expect from an identity theft shield plan. Many plans give individuals regular credit report checks, rather than relying on the once per year credit report check that is provided for free from the reporting agencies. In addition, these plans usually monitor the credit scores to tell the individuals where they can improve in addition to telling them if there is any suspicious activity on their credit report.

In addition, the best identity theft shield plans will give individuals a notice if there are any credit accounts opened in their name. That way individuals will be able to tell immediately if someone has accessed their information and is trying to use it in a fraudulent manner. Other features of a good identity theft shield are that address changes, public records additions, and derogatory notations that are added to the credit report are also reported right away to the individual so that these issues can be promptly addressed. The faster the authorities are notified of fraudulent activity, the better the chances are that they will be able to catch the individual.

If there is an identity theft, the shield services are also designed to help the individual to restore their credit. Depending on the plan, identity theft shield services will help to send out the fraud alert notifications and help to work with the credit companies to restore the individual’s credit. They can help the individual with all of the paperwork that is involved, pointing them in the right direction so that they are covered as reporting the fraud immediately to the appropriate authorities which helps to ensure that they will not have to pay the money stolen out of their own pockets.