There are a great number of relationships between husband and wives often destroyed by illicit affairs. Digital devices like cellphone is often the device of cheating spouses as they often use mobile phones in communicating with lovers. A lot of affairs begin as simple text mates who often shared contact numbers as they met somewhere. Because of this, many relationships have ended up in divorce or separation as partners find the issue overwhelming. In order to prevent this situation, it would be a good idea to look for some cellphone spy programs that could help you know if an affair is already developing or has long been existing. Here are some interesting features of cellphone spy programs: First of all, cellphone spy programs can help you listen to actual phone calls. Aside from this unique feature, you can also see the lof of all SMS whether oncoming or outgoing. Nothing can be hidden from cellphone spy programs. Typically, most of these cellphone spy programs comes with an online account where you can access all messages and calls. It can also serve as your backup in case you need to retrieve important messages that you have deleted. In one way or another, it serves as storage and records all your call history too.

Another wonderful feature of cellphone spy programs is that it is enabled with secret mobile GPS tracker. For example, your partner or child tells you that they have an overnight activity in a certain location, you can track exactly where they are to see if they are really honest. This can also be used to track employees who may be dishonest and spend company resources for non-work related activities.

Additionally,cellphone spy programs can also notify you if a certain mobile phone has changed sim. Normally, cellphone spy programs is applicable to different platforms such as Windows Mobile, Symbian and Blackberry. However, if you are using Iphone make sure that it has been jailbroken so you can install cellphone spy programs. Some cellphone spy programs have a money back guarantee so you can test the features first if they can be applied on your mobile phone.